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Important news on the plans for re-opening


Important - Planned re-opening of club

As some of you may have seen, and following on from our email last week, we were yesterday given the green light to re-open the club and recommence shooting. Great news!

HOWEVER... as you can imagine life is never that simple and it is certainly not back to normal. This means that in order to re-open, we have had to implement significant changes to the way we opperate and some of these changes will require a little time to implement. Despite confirmation only being given in the last couple of days, the committee all met tonight to agree and confirm our plans and can now share these, and a (possible) timetable.

Firstly, and possibly most importantly, every member must read our ** Covid Risk Assessment (
. This will give you all a clear indiciation of the new procedures in place to ensure we can return to our sport, and do so as safely as possible. By booking to attend the club you are confirming you have read and understood the enclosed risk assessment and will comply with all requirements. This is a serious matter and failure to do so can, and will, lead to expulsion from the club. Of course, if you have any questions, do get in touch with us beforehand.

Secondly, and leading on from the above but requires emphasis, you are not to attend the club without express prior permission of the Membership Secretary (Adam). We will be operating a strict rota to control numbers, enable contact tracing if needed and ensure fairness. Therefore, please email Adam directly confirming the specific date(s) you would like to shoot. He will then reply confirming your booking. If you do not receive confirmation, you should not attend.

When booking for the first time, you must confirm:
- Your full name
- Address
- Contact telephone number(s)
- Contact telephone number for next of kin
- Specific dates you wish to attend (do make sure you have read the risk assessment first...)

Can all RCO/RSO's please also email Adam as a matter of priority to confirm availability? No bookings will be confirmed until a suitable RO is available. If there is only one RO, he/she will unfortuantely not be able to shoot that evening, so lets try and make sure theres always two!

Now the question we are sure you all want to know the answer to most - when? Well, we are hoping to begin shooting as soon as Monday 17th August. This is however dependant on us being able to get the range in shape beforehand. We are therefore opening the range on Saturday 15th August 2020 at 09:00 for a working party to start, and hopefully finish, the jobs required to enable us to re-open. Can those who are available and willing to attend please also email Adam so we can coordinate volunteers? We have a lot of debris and rubbish we need to clear out, so anyone with a van/trailer is encouraged and please let Adam know if this applies to you! We may also be looking for people to take a couple of bags of rubbish home with them to dispose of. Other than that, all that should be needed is some gloves, face masks and a small amout of your time. We cant stress enough though, if the club isn't fully sorted, we won't be openeing - consider this a carrot and stick approach! On a serious note, there
are lots of tasks we need to undertake to ensure we can open in accordance with the current regulations.

Whilst to some this may seem draconian, we hope you understand why we are taking the measures outlined (in addition, we largely have no choice) and it is only due to these measures we can get back to shooting - this should therefore be good news!

As above, please do get in touch if anything is not clear or your have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you all at the range shortly.


MDRC Committee
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Importance of Record Keeping
The Committee would like to remind the membership that it is your responsibility to fill in the shooting records when you attend each day at the range.

These records are used to inform the authorities of who has NOT attended and shot in the last year. This is a requirement under Home Office regulations that we, as a Home Office approved Club, are bound by.
Thank you for your help in this matter.

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