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As (hopefully) everyone is aware, we are permitted to reopen from Monday 3rd May 2021!

For now therefore, we will be taking bookings 'old school' and therefore I would ask people to email me with their requests. Fortunately, with the new guidelines, spaces won't be quite so limited.
As a reminder, the new rota is as follows:

Prone shooting (25 yards followed by 100 yards)

25 metre

2nd Tuesday Gallery Rifle Comp Team Practice

100 yards

Postal League & Gallery Rifle

25 & 100 yards

Subject to bookings:
1st Saturday – Dedicated HME Shoot after 10am

1st , 2nd and 3rd Sunday – Private Bookings

4th Sunday – Gallery Competition Practice
As before, emailing a booking is not confirmation of acceptance - please await a response. We need to ensure there is someone to open up and a range officer available.

Range officers and key holders - please email me specific dates you are able to open.

Whilst this is obviously great news, we can't ignore the fact 'the virus' remains and as such I would also ask everyone to remind themselves of the risk assessment and associated policies in place, which are available to download from the members pages.

Hopefully we will have the automated, digital, system in place before we open and when its ready, ill be in touch with instructions on how to use.

Anyway, hope everyone is well and as ever do shout if I can help with anything.


Vice Chair / Membership Secretary
Range Maintanence
As the range has been shut for a while, and some tasks remain incomplete, we will also be holding a range maintanence day on Saturday 1st May 2021 from 10am. Can anyone who is available please attend, even if only for an hour or so, as many hands make light work. Further, as some of the tasks are safety related, should we not be able to complete the mandaotry tasks then we may have to delay opening.

Please do therefore email me and Maria ( to confirm if you can attend

Please click on the following button for more COVID information.
The Club
The historically shifting border is signified
in the Club badge by the Lion of England and the Dragon of Wales indicating the club's allegiance to both.
Founded in 1908, the club claims to be one of the oldest rifle clubs in the region.
Situated in the border town of Monmouth
in the scenic Wye Valley, the club draws
its current membership of nearly 170
mainly from the surrounding counties of Monmouthshire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.
Troy Railway Tunnel
The club's current home is a former
railway tunnel on the outskirts of the town.

National Rifle Association
Monmouth and District Rifle Club is a member of the National Rifle Association in the UK.

National Shooting Centre
Our members regularly travel to Bisley to compete in National and International Competitions.
Charity Support
Monmouth and District Rifle Club support Charities, including Help for Heroes.
Monmouth & District Rifle Club CIC
(Recycling Centre)
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NP25 4HX
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