Monmouth and District Rifle Club
(Recycling Centre)
Mitchel Troy
NP25 4HX

Club Chair
Mark Nicholas

Club Secretary

Membership Secretary
Bill Harvey
The objectives of Monmouth and District Rifle Club to encourage the sporting use and skill in rifle, pistol and smooth bore guns shooting, by providing instruction and practice in their safe and responsible use, to enable and encourage the Members to pursue the recreational use of firearms. We are a non-profit making Club and use surplus funds to provide and improve facilities for the Club members. We try to be as open as reasonable practicable, to all, without discrimination, who are not excluded by virtue of Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968.
With these aims in mind the Club has converted an old two track railway tunnel into a no danger area (NDA) indoor 100 yard rifle range.

Monmouth & District Rifle Club

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