308 AM FTR bolt action

308 AM FTR bolt action
It is right handed and includes a Nightforce 8-32 x 56 illum ret Long range scope .
It was built by Dolphin rifles to a very high standard .
It can be magazine fed or single shot with the follower fitted.
It has a fluted bolt and barrel for weight reduction .
Overall weight is 8.179 kg including the NIGHTFORCE scope . 1/8 moa click with sunshade .
The rifle shoots very well and has only ever shot 155.5 Bergers .
The barrel has plenty of life left in it and shoots very accurately .
I used to shoot in the F class league at Bisley on a regular basis with this rifle .
I have also shot the European championships on several occasions .
The barrel profile is 1.25” – 1” over 31”.  1-13 twist rate .
I will include 200 fireformed lapua palma cases ,primed and ready to load with the rifle ,plus all load data for the rifle .

I’m asking £2600 for the rifle or a very close offer .



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